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  • Sunday
    Draw Number :34
    07 10 23 45 10
    Next Jackpot : Rs.2,000,000

  • Saturday
    Draw Number :2738
    p 01 43 45 60 50
    Next Jackpot : Rs.11,227,150

  • Thursday
    Draw Number :1236
    Y 30 32 46 57
    Next Jackpot : Rs.12,598,420

  • Sunday
    Draw Number :1942
    09 41 48 55
    Next Jackpot : Rs.2,358,000

  • Friday
    Draw Number :436
    F 19 56 58 65
    Next Jackpot : Rs.11,441,700

  • Saturday
    Draw Number :461
    R 03 09 27 62 00
    Next Jackpot : Rs.42,848,900

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Development Lotteries Board........

Development Lotteries has been enriching the lives of people of Sri Lanka since January 19, 1983.From the inception DLB has made tremendous contribution to the Sri Lankan nation through millions of Rupees as prizes and millions as profit to the President’s Fund.

DLB is the most innovative and trend setting Lottery Organization in Sri Lanka. From the inception of the Development Lottery, it has used state of the art technology for printing of Lottery tickets and all prize payment to the general public.

Further, as a corporate citizen, DLB is operating lotteries with honesty, integrity and responsibility in promotion, management and administration of lotteries in Sri Lanka.


The ‘Wasi Dahasa’ from 'Niyatha Jaya' lottery

A special 3-month promotional programme titled 'Vasi Dahasa'  was launched through the 'Niyatha Jaya' lottery on February 2nd 2016 where 500 prizes each worth Rs 1,000 will be given out in addition to the usual Jackpot.

The first set of tickets in this programme was released on 2nd February and the first draw will be held on February 12th.  Accordingly customerscan win Rs 1000 if the special 'Vasi Dahasa' number matches the number printed on your ticket. 

The Development Lotteries Board urges you to buy more Niyatha Jaya Vasi Dahasa tickets and increase your chances of becoming a winner.


Merry Christmas with Super Ball “Super Bonus”

Development Lotteries Board has designed a special Christmas promotion to give out some exciting prizes in the Super ball lottery.

While a large sized Super ball seasonal ticket named “Super ball Super Bonus” has been designed for this purpose, a special super bonus number is printed to provide extra winning chances to customers.

16 lucky Customers will have the chance to win a Motor car (01), five (05) valuable branded tabs, as well as 10 Gold coins by matching the special super bonus number, in addition to the usual cash prizes worth millions of rupees.  

The special ticket was launched to market on 27th November 2015 and thespecial draw will be held on December 31, 2015.



Lagna Wasana Offer more winning chances

The newly redesigned ‘Lagna Wasanawa’ lottery ticket was introduced to the market on the 23rd of October. With the public wanting more winning chances, Lagna Wasanawa will offer Rs.20 worth of prize money for the matching zodiac symbol. The first draw will be held on Friday, the 3oth October.


Galaxy Star

The Development Lotteries Board introduced the ‘Galaxy Star’ lottery ticket to the public on the 29th of September. The draw for this ticket takes place on Sundays and Wednesdays with the goal of giving out more rewards for single numbers as well as star numbers. A starting super jackpot of Rs. 2,000,000 along with prizes ranging from Rs. 20 to Rs. 500,000 are set to be won as Galaxy Star aims hand out more big prizes in shorter periods of time, to establish within the public and be known for being a rewarding entity. The Development Lotteries Board also intends to make the public desire winning even more.  



Monaragala and Thissamaharama District Dealer meeting

Monaragala and Thissamaharama District Dealer meeting was held at 'Thissa Temple’, on the 13th of December 2015 by Mr. Romesh Jayawadhana Chairman of Development Lotteries Board in collaboration with Hambantota Police Station. Main focused areas were to promote DLB Ticket Market, to place sales counters in Monaragala and Thissamaharama areas and also discuss how to overcome the present Issues and to come up with higher sales.


Lagna Wasana delivers an early Christmas this year

This seasonal lottery ticket was released on November 16, 2015 and will be available in the market for about a month.  The winning numbers that yield the above-mentioned prizes will be released after a special draw to be held on December 11, 2015. 
The 'Lagna Wasana' ticket was introduced to the market with a new look and feel on October 23rd with increased opportunities to win Rs 20 for the winning zodiac sign. 
Launched by Hon. Minister Ravi Karunanayake

Super Ball offer more winning chances

The most rewarding lottery around, the ‘Super Ball’ lottery ticket was unveiled with a new look and a jackpot increase from Rs. 30 to 40 million on the 22ndof October. To further reward the public,Rs.200 that was presented for matching any 2 English letters will be increased to Rs. 1,000 while Rs.5,000 that was awarded for matching any 3 English Letters will be increased to as much as Rs.20,000. The first Super Ball lottery draw will be held on Thursday, the 29th of October. 


Saturday Fortune now on Mondays


The extremely popular Saturday Fortune lottery ticket which has two draws in a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in purple and green coloured tickets respectively, will now be drawn every Monday. Monday’s ticket will be blue coloured.  

 Throughout the week, Saturday Fortune offers you a chance of winning a jackpot starting at Rs. 10 million and upwards, and many more opportunities of winning attractive cash prizes.pular Saturday Fortune lottery ticket which has two draws in a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in purple and green coloured tickets respectively, will now be drawn every Monday. Monday’s ticket will be blue coloured.  



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