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Development Lotteries Board issues its all lottery tickets to the market from 01 June


Development Lotteries Board issues its all lottery tickets to the market from 01 June

Development Lotteries Board has decided to commence the sale of lottery tickets again from 01 June, which has been temporarily suspended due to COVID 19 Pandemic. Accordingly customers will have the facility to try their luck by purchasing lottery tickets of DLB in every brand from the aforesaid date.   

Even though DLB was compelled to remove all the lottery tickets from the market, which were then printed, unexpectedly from 20.03.2020, DLB has now taken action to issue those tickets to the market changing the dates and without destroying them. 

With the positive improvement observed in the country in the adverse situation due to COVID 19 pandemic, DLB has issued those lottery tickets to the market with the change of their dates in order to study the enthusiasm of the customers for purchasing lottery tickets. Considering the positive responses displayed in the sale of tickets, DLB has decided to issue all its lottery tickets to the market from 01 June.

Accordingly Lagna Wasana lottery tickets, of which the date has been changed, were issued to the market from 18.05.2020 and from 26 May Lagna Wasana lottery tickets and Ada Kotipathi lottery tickets relevant to previous months are also issued to the market from 26 May printing the revised dates.

Since the special ticket of Shanida Avurudu Wasana, of which the draw has been scheduled on 04.04 2020 before the temporary suspension of lottery sales due to COVID 19, has been issued to the market, it is in the market without revising the date. Therefore DLB announces that the special draw of the said lottery is held on 13.06.2020.

DLB has already provided safety gloves to the sales network of the institution as instructed by WHO and further they have been informed the correct safety instructions.

Therefore DLB earnestly requests from all Sales Agents, Sales Assistants as well as customers to pay thorough attention to the safety measures introduced by the Ministry of Health in the sale and purchase of lottery tickets ensuring safety of the community.

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