Development Lotteries Board


Development Lotteries Board celebrates its 38the anniversary


Development Lotteries Board celebrates its 38the anniversary

Development Lottery, which brings the dawn to the life winning the hearts of people, celebrates proudly its 38th anniversary on 19th January.   Development Lotteries Board, which was established on 19 January 1983 with the intension to be a new dawn to the life of Sri Lankans, has been able to present a large number of winners marking many remarkable turning points during the journey of past 38 years amidst various challenges.  This fortune maker could enhance your life within few hours whilst giving true value to your money in the meantime making a great contribution for the enhancement of the education and health sectors of the country.

Development Lotteries Board, which commenced its mission with broad vision, has made a huge contribution of Rs. 30,209,462,389.00 to the President's Fund during the period from 1983 to 2020. DEB makes its contribution also to the Mahapola Scholarship Fund for the enhancement of the higher education through President's Fund whilst providing assistance for health care issues such as heart surgeries and kidney transplants.  The number of scholarships awarded for the higher education of the sons and  daughters of the country from the commencement up to date is more than 3,00,000. The contribution made to the President's Fund  during year 2020 is nearly Rs. 2.29 billion. Further the total value of the prizes distributed among the winners during year 2020 is Rs. .7,927,745,313.00.

For such great mission, Development Lotteries Board has introduced highly attractive lottery tickets such as Shanida, Lagna Wasana, Ada Kotipathi, Super Ball, Sanwardana Wasana, Jayoda, Kotipathi Kapruka, Sasiri and other instant lotteries.

In the meantime Development Lotteries Board has marked many turning points in the industry with the application of new technologies and enhancing the industry whilst looking forward with the changing environment. DLB Sweep App is at the frontline among such changes. This turn has made a path through the smart phone for the customers to purchase their lottery ticket and also to collect information on lottery draws without delay.  SMS Lottery can be highlighted as one of the victories of the DLB in its journey in the industry. Further the introduction of Sasiri, which is the first digital lottery of Asia has marked another turning point of the lottery industry of our country.

The customers are not the only lucky party , who open new path with the lotteries of DLB. During the past period Development Lotteries Board has become the huge shelter for 89 Sales Distributors and , more than 2500 Sales Agents and more than 20,000 Sales Assistants, who have joined with the Board all over the Island. Therefore the DLB has created a large number of employments for the enhancement of the country.

In its history, Development Lotteries Board has performed a remarkable service for the benefit of the Sales Agents and Sales Assistants. Having taken into consideration the request made by Sales Agents of DLB, the commission granted to them has been increased from Rs. 3.50 up to Rs. 3.75. During year 2018 and 2019 Development Lotteries Board has taken measures to provide sales cubicles as per modern designs at a reasonable price covering the whole Island. In the meantime a grant of Rs. 20,000 was made for repairing the existing sales outlets whilst renovating the old outlets. DLB expects to continue this process also in year 2021 for the enhancement of industry.

A large number of courageous men and women, who have no hesitation to face the challenges of life,  is stepping forward shoulder to shoulder with Development Lotteries Board and the DLB has also made remarkable contribution for them. DLB has distributed during the past period Tricycles among differently abled Sales Assistants, who are in the life struggle under sun and rain.  Further DLB took measures to conduct medical camps covering the whole Island for the good health of Sales Agents and Sales Assistants and to provide uniforms to the Sales Assistants.

Amongst many other measures taken, Development Lotteries Board, which contributes to the Mahapola Scholarships Fund, grants annually Rs. 1500 per month for a period of 04 years to the children of Sales Agents of DLB, who enter universities for their higher education. DLB, who has become the friend in need of Sales Agents and Sales Assistants, grants financial assistance to them at their hard times such as health issues and funerals.

The DLB purely believes that the credibility of the customers is the invaluable asset of the institution. Therefore the Development Lotteries Board earnestly declares at this remarkable juncture, where it celebrates 38th  anniversary, that it is dedicated further to protect the credibility of customers. Further DLB wishes to take this opportunity to extend  its heartfelt gratitude to all District Distributors, Sales Agents and Sales Assistants , who are with the institution hand in hand, and to the Ministry of Finance, the line Ministry for the collaboration provided to make the mission of DLB a success.

Commencing works for New Year 2023!


Commencing works for New Year 2023!

The Development Lotteries Board has started its duties officially with many hopes for the New Year 2023!

The Development Lotteries Board which is renewed day by day...


The Development Lotteries Board which is renewed day by day...

A meeting was held to discuss about the distribution of lottery tickets of the Development Lotteries by train. Minister of Highways and Mass Media Dr. Bandula Gunawardena and officials of the Railway Department have participated in the discussion and agreed to enter into a unique memorandum of un...

Development Lotteries Board has presented cash cheques to the super prize winners who made their dreams come true with the help of DLB Lottery Tickets. The event was held at Jaffna City.


Development Lotteries Board has presented cash cheques to the super prize winners who made their dreams come true with the help of DLB Lottery Tickets. The event was held at Jaffna City.

Which was graced with the participation of Development Lotteries Board Chairman / Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ajith Gunaratne Naragala, Jaffna Chief Inspector of Police Mr. Anura Priyantha, Chief Revenue Inspector of Jaffna Municipal Council Mr. Ravikanth, Assistant G...

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