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Now Super Ball lottery on Sundays

Now Super Ball lottery on Sundays


Considering the higher demand as well as the attraction in the market, DLB has decided to hold another draw of Super Ball lottery even on Sundays in addition to other three draws held during the week.

Therefore the new draw is due to be held on 27th January and arrangements have been made to hold a special draw to mark this change. The Lottery in the name of Super Ball Lucky Sunday was issued to the market today at the premises of DLB.

In addition to the super jackpot of Rs. 50 million and other prizes, following prizes can be won from this Super Ball Lucky Sunday matching the 7 numbers in the lottery with the number issued by computerized draw.

DLB awards cash prizes to two jackpot winners of DLB
Soft Heart Foundation of DLB launch lays foundation stone for its first social responsibility
Helping hand to the Sales Agents and Sales Assistants affected by the flood in Northern Province  and East