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Were you one of those three hundred thousand students, who pursued the goal with the help of Mahapola scholarship?


Were you one of those three hundred thousand students, who pursued the goal with the help of Mahapola scholarship?

Are you aware of the financial provider, who makes every effort to lend hand to the students of the country extending Mahapola Scholarship, which once brought you under its shelter?

Most probably you may have no idea.

It is the human nature that we normally forget easily the giant trees, which gives us cover from burning sun in the summer. In the same way man, who followed their education receiving “Mahapola scholarship” may have no idea of the real body, which renders a tremendous service behind the screen for the benefit of  the sons and daughters of the country.

Development Lotteries Board, which provided its contribution to offer scholarships to more than 306,637 students from year 1983 up to 2019, is still in the same humble mission of the ear whilst being the hope of the countrymen.

Establishment of Mahapola Scholarship Fund

Late Hon. Lalith Athulathmudali is the founder of this precious treasure which was established to assist the sons and daughters following their higher education who look forward amidst various economic hardships.

As the Minister of Trade and Shipping, Mr. Athulathmudali introduced Mahapola concept in 1980 and the fund was raised with the help of Mahapola exhibition, one of the attractions of the time and Mahapola lottery. At the commencement of the fund, the income was utilized to enhance the schools in rural areas and with the time Mr. Athulathmudali paid attention to invest the funds at national level for the benefit of the whole country. With a view to achieve this goal he made arrangements to establish scholar scheme to help students, who follow their education at higher educational institution including universities, amidst financial hardships. 

As a result of the concept of this man of people, who always dedicated for the enhancement of the country Mahapola Scholarship Fund was established and the legal base was assured by way of introducing an act in the name of Mahapola Higher Education Scholarships Trust Fund No 66 of 1981 which undertook the administration of the whole process.  

The financial base was made so far holding trade exhibitions and fairs and also by the sale of Mahapola Lotteries. However the financial base of the fund was further strengthen with the establishment Development Lotteries Board in 1983 investing Rs. 22 million by President's Fund and Mahapola Trust Fund. With this change the stability in the process was assured. 

Working on the foundation made by Presidents Fund and Mahapola Fund, Development Lotteries Board remits its dividends directly to President's Fund fulfilling statutory requirements. Therefore the 50% from the income is send to Mahapola Trust Fund through President's Fund.    

Accordingly Development Lotteries Board has remitted  Rs.25,880 million to President's Fund during the period since 1983 to 2019.

Development Lotteries Board is the only Government Institution which makes financial contribution to Mahapola Scholarships Fund. 

Beneficiaries of Mahapola Scholarship

Mahapola Scholarship always reminds us the undergraduates of our country.  Many people are of the view that Mahapola scholarship is offered only to those who follow their higher education at Universities.

Today Mahapola scholarship is awarded not only to undergraduates of our universities but also to thousands studying at other higher educational institutions governed under the Ministry of Higher Education.

Accordingly Development Lotteries Board lends its helping hand to those who followed and are still following their education at higher educational institutes such as University of Colombo, Computer School of University of Colombo, Sripalee Campus, University of Peradeniya, University of Kelaniya, University of Sri Jayawardanapura, University of Moratuwa, University of Jaffna, Vavuniya Faculty, University of Ruhuna, Eastern University, Trincomalee Faculty, Agnidiga University, Rajarata University, Sabaragamuwa University, Wayamba University, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute,  Uva Wellassa University, Swami Vipulananda Instutute of Aesthetic Studies.

Other institutes to which Mahapola Scholarships are awarded

Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka

Bikku University of Sri Lanka

Law Collage

Technological Institutes (NDT)

National Institute of Social Development

Open University of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education

Development Lotteries Board is the body which provides financial support to you, who have completed higher education, as well as all other sons and daughters of the country, who follow their education at above institutes.

Education is the only path that we have to see the light of dawn amidst various barriers, difficulties and challenges. Therefore Development Lotteries Boards, without any hesitation, invests the money of the people, who indirectly contribute to this social care programme buying their ticket, in Mahapola Scholarships Fund extending its blessing to the younger generation of the country.

Today you, who completed higher education with the support of Mahapola Scholarship, may be a man with a story of the success. You may be a significant figure in the ladder of any profession. Sometimes you have never seen a simple person who wanders selling lotteries. You may have no experience of buying a lottery ticket during the past period. However you cannot forget the roots of your success. You can never forget the fact that once you were a holder of Mahaploa scholarship. Still students in thousands are following their higher education under the shelter of Mahapola Scholarship. It is the truth that no one can deny. Mahapola Scholarship will further lend its hand for the benefit of the future generations of our country.

Today you who saw the dawn yesterday with the help of Mahapola Scholarship, may have enough funds to manage the education of your children. But we need to protect Mahapola Scholarships for the benefit of the sons and daughters of under privileged families who are dreaming to fulfill the necessities of their children under bitter conditions. Therefore you can make your contribution now to enhance the scholarship fund which was created by a humble man of people called Lalith Athulathmudali. Few coins you spend to buy a Development Lottery Board’s lottery will open a new path to flourish bright future for the country.

Mahapola Trust Fund is the helping hand of the sons and daughters of the country yesterday, today and tomorrow. It will provide guarantee   for the education of the country. Therefore the buyer of a lottery ticket will be the indirect provider whilst the Development Lotteries Board makes its utmost contribution for this valuable social care programme.

When you open your pocket to buy a lottery ticket, DLB will have the opportunity to strengthen the Mahapola Trust Fund for the future of the country. In return Mahapola Trust Fund will have enough funds to increase its contribution for the enhancement of the children following their higher education.

This is the true story of Mahapola Scholarship.

 Now it is high time for you to perform your duty for the country.


By- Achala Piyarathna

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The Development Lotteries Board has achieved its highest profit in history..!


The Development Lotteries Board has achieved its highest profit in history..!

  • 13.4 billion in gifts to winners in 2023,
  • The total contribution given to the government is Rs. 5.1 billion,
  • The Mahapola Scholarship, Heart Patients, and Presidential Fund have been awarded an overall value of Rs. 3.6 billion.

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The Development Lotteries Board achieves its highest-ever profit in 2023!


The Development Lotteries Board achieves its highest-ever profit in 2023!

The Development Lotteries Board achieves its highest-ever profit in 2023! Makes record-breaking contributions of Rs.3.6 billion to the President’s Fund and Rs.5.1 billion to the government.  
The Development Lotteries Board has contributed its highest-ever profit of Rs.3.6 b...

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