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Pioneers of our institution, who bring dawn to your life


Pioneers of our institution, who bring dawn to  your life

Can you imagine the place held today  by a former Bulath Vita vendor ,who roamed all over the area as a seven year old kid? This is the story of a unsung hero who achieved success with the assistance of DLB challenging the fate. We are proud to introduce this hero to the society as a model character.

The kid, who sold Bulath Vita at the age in which all the kids star their education, is now an elder person of 72 years of age. He doesn't sell Vita today. But he is a successful businessman, who records one of the highest sales volumes. All the people of Digana area in Kandy know this extraordinary man as Aladin Perera. He has earned an immense popularity among the people. His life struggle reminds us the storey of the poor man in Chulla setti Jathaka , who achieved success selling a carcass of a rat. DLB could change the life of this man not by a lottery draw but making him a sales agent. His entrance to the lottery industry is the turning of this man's life who fought with life as   a peddler.

Aladin Perera can be introduced as a courageous man who looked for the horizon with much courage. He is not a man who found the luck overnight. His path was not a bed of roses. This man who started his life as a Bulath vita vendor had the chance to sell lotteries given to him by Seiyath Ali. It was purely a coincidence but he grabbed it. So his small Bulath vita stand transformed to a lottery stand. He sold the lottery tickets which remained unsold. Later he was handed over the lottery agency of Ali and he decided to shoulder this new responsibility without any hesitation.

At first he went to Colombo twice a week to bring lotteries and made every effort to enhance the business amidst various hardships and challenges. He travelled covering 45 kilometers every day riding his push cycle calling all people to try their luck. This was an era, where no vehicles or loudspeakers were used for selling lottery tickets. However he had to face another new challenge with the removal of his stand  by Urban Council. So he was forced to stop his fruit selling business.

This courageous man, who never stepped back in fear of challenges, turned his wheel again towards mobile fruit selling. He had to leave his native place due to flood and then he opened a small boutique coming to Rajawella. Since he couldn't earn profit from this small business, he took a turn to vegetable stand. At this moment he found his lucky star in the face of lottery tickets . The first 20 lotteries he received for selling cleared all shadows in his path. Starting from the sale of Shanida Wasana, Aladin could develop his business proving that he has the ability to be a successful businessman. In 1989 he became the owner of the agency of DLB. 

During this period he was able to mark his name in the industry as the agent who produced the vast majority of winners indicating his name at the top of sales records  in the history of lottery industry in Sri Lanka. Today he looks forward guiding 143 sales assistants as their patron. As a man ,who faced event death threats, he still emerges as a courageous as well as a kind hearted person.

Therefore DLB takes this opportunity to salute this real hero, who changed others lives whilst changing his own  path.

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