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Another social serviceĀ  by DLB at Kalutara


Another social serviceĀ  by DLB at Kalutara

Development Lotteries Board, which makes fresh turns in your life, not only brings the luck to the society but voluntarily initiates different kind of invaluable social services with a view to introduce positive changes. Today DLB launch another stage in its services at Kalutara.

DLB could provide a roof to the flower venders at Kalutara Bodhi, who are in their daily struggle exposing to sun and rain without any relief.

Therefore they can maintain their livelihood under the shade of an umbrella forgetting the days which made them to struggle facing burning sun as well as cold rain.

At this event, which witnessed the participation of MR. Sena Suriyapperuma, Chairman of DLB and Miss. Vijitha Somaratna, Deputy General Manager, twenty flower vendors were provided with a shade free of charge by DLB.

These social services launched by DLB not only lends helping hand to needy people but also gives a true meaning to your money spent to buy a lottery from your partner in progress.

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