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Special draw of 'Supiri Shanida Wasana"on 27th March


Special draw of 'Supiri Shanida Wasana

A special draw of  “Supiri Shanida Wasana” , one of the most popular lottery in the market, is due to be conducted on Wednsday,27th March.

Accordingly special lottery of Supiri Shanida Wasana was issued to the market today. (01.03.2019)

In addition to the super jackpot, which commences from 10 million along with other prizes, this time action has been taken to offer 500 prizes of Rs. 10,000.

DLB invites to try your luck and join with the group who win the prizes of Rs. 10,000 purchasing a ticket of Supiri Shanida Wasana, which never betrays your expectation. 

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