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Our forerunners, who bring you a bright future


Our forerunners, who bring you a bright future

When someone overhears the word ‘Development Lottery’ the first impression he gets is that the lottery brings luck only to those who buy lottery tickets. But even today there are a large number of individuals who have made their path for success joining hands with Development Lottery.

Here we bring you such two characters who made example to others.

Mr. Lalith Fernando, Sales Agent, Panadura has shared his experience of Development Lotteries Board, whilst extending his gratitude for the appreciation given to his career.

Development Lotteries Board, a turning point in the life

Mr. Lalith, who had been once a public servant, has selected lottery industry as his livelihood after leaving voluntarily his previous occupation.  Though it was a challenge to his life he states without hesitation that it is his turning point.

Huge network

He proudly says that at present 48 Sales Agents, 112 Sales Assistants and another 34 employees are working under him and further 08 employees are working in his office. In this way he was able to lend helping hand to others with the support of DLB.

DLB, the pride place to serve

He is of the view that DLB is a significant institution which has earned its goodwill by way of bringing luck to the lives of the people and making contributions to President’s Fund. ‘I am a lucky person to serve under its banner’, he says.

Credibility and understanding, they are the foundation of the business

Any person who joins with lottery industry has a long and successful path and the foundation stones of this successful journey are credibility and the links with all parties connected to industry.

Cherished opportunity to youths

Mr. Lalith Fernando identifies this industry as an ideal path for unemployed persons, who seek new turns in the life. He recommends lottery industry for them to make a stable economic foundation.

DLB, an excellent journey in the lottery industry

‘The journey of DLB is excellent and it makes its contribution to President’s Fund and provides employment opportunities to a large number of persons’ he says. He is determined to go forward with DLB as a partner of the institution.Mr. K.G. Wickramasingha, Sales Agent, Anuradhapura who holds the second place among the  Sales Agents proved highest sales volume, recalls his journey with DLB in the following manner

25 years with DLB

Mr. Wickramasingha, who joined with DLB before 25 years as a Sales Agent has come to the apex of the business facing the challenge of popularizing DLB lotteries at a remote area like Anuradhpura.

The man who holds second place among best-selling agents of DLB lotteries all over the Island

Mr. Wickramasingha, who built credibility among customers by way of going to every weekly fair with lotteries in different areas of Anuradhapura, where low population is observed, has applied various strategies in this effort to develop the market. Awarding cash prizes at the same place, publicizing such events, establishing new sales outlets throughout Anuradhapura city recruiting new Sales Assistants are some of those measures. 

Lottery business, it is my family business

He points out his business as a family business as he maintains it with the support of his three daughters and beloved wife.

Ideal business for courageous and opportunity seekers

The success depends on the effort. Therefore this is the ideal business who do not fear to face challenges. This is his view of this business. 

No strikes, no protests

Mr. Wickramasingha says he respects DLB and never launches strikes against DLB. He is proud of his institution. If we try to cut the tree it will fall on us, he says mentioning on such protests. Therefore he never hesitates to extend his gratitude to DLB for making his path to the success.

Niyatha Jaya Lottery is removed from the market with the revision of days of the draw


Niyatha Jaya Lottery is removed from the market with the revision of days of the draw

DLB has taken action to remove Niyatha Jaya lottery ticket from 30 July 2019 , of which the draw was held on Tuesday and Friday of every week. Accordingly last draw of the lottery was held on 30 July 2019 and the super jackpot, which was not won, will be added to the super jackpot of Sanwardana W...

Lagna Wasana, draws are now on every day of the week


Lagna Wasana, draws are now on every day of the week

Development Lotteries Board has decided to held the draw of Lagna Wasana lottery all over the week from 01 August 2019.

However the lotteries issued so far to the market remain further unchanged. In the meantime now you can buy the...

Kotipathi Shanida comes to the market in the name of Kotipathi Kapruka


Kotipathi Shanida comes to the market in the name of Kotipathi Kapruka

DLB has decided to introduce the existing lottery of Kotipathi Shanida, very popular lottery in the market, in a new face as Kotipathi kapruka. Accordingly the new lottery ticket will be issued to the market on  02nd August.


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