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"Sanwardhana Abhiman 2022" Ampara District Dealer Meeting


Meeting of the Sales Agents of Ampara/Batticaloa District was held under the name ‘ Sanwardana Abhiman 2022’ on 05 March 2022 at Monti Hotel premises, Ampara.
This occasion was graced by the participation of Hon. W.D.Weerasingha,  M.P. and Chairman of the District Development Committee, Ampara, Hon. Thilak Rajapaksha, M.P., Chairmen of Urban Counclis, Ampara/ Batticaloa, Chairmen of Pradeshiya Sabhas, Mr. Ajith Gunarathna Naragala, Chairman/ C E O of Development Lotteries Board, Mr. Senevirathna, Deputy Inspector General of Ampara, Higher Ranking officers of Sri Lanka Police, and many other distinguished guests representing Road Development Authority, Urban Development Authority. 

A discussion was also made regarding new proposals and strategies for the enhancement of the sale of lottery tickets in Ampara and Batticaloa districts during year 2022 and further special prizes were also presented in appreciation of the service of Sales Agents.

Lagna 'Supiri Dhana Yogaya' for Sinhala Hindu New Year


Lagna 'Supiri Dhana Yogaya' for Sinhala Hindu New Year

"Lagna Wasanawa Supiri Dhana Yogaya" special lottery is ready to bring hundreds of thousands of blessings to the new year of Lagna Wasanawa who has attracted your attention in the lottery market by producing the largest number of super winners in Sri Lanka...

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