Development Lotteries Board


Development Lotteries Board celebrates its 37th anniversary


Development Lotteries Board celebrates its 37th anniversary

Development Lotteries Board, which brings the dawn to the doorstep of the people of the country, celebrates its 37th anniversary on 19th January this year. DLB, which was established on 19 January 1983 with great expectations to uplift the lives of the Sri Lankans, has come forward on its path during the past 37 years presenting a large number of lucky winners to the nation. In the meantime it has marked important turning points during its journey. DLB, which gives a true meaning to the 20 Rupees, spent by the General Public by way of transforming them the beneficiaries, always committed to serve in the field of education and health looking for a better tomorrow.

This Institution was established with the investment of Rs. 2.2 million each by President’s Fund and Mahapola Trust Fund with a view to strengthen the financial base of Mahapola Fund. Therefore DLB can be identified as the only Government institution, which donates its dividends    to President’s Fund and Mahaploa Trust Fund. At the commencement DLB was named as Development Lotteries Center and then it was transformed to Development Lotteries Trust in 1993. However it has again been transformed as Development Lotteries Board on 12 August 1997 by Development Lotteries Board Act No 20 of 1997.

DLB, which established its position in the market whilst enhancing its commitment to the country, has made a contribution of Rs. 27,115,374,346 to President’s Fund during the period from 1983 to 2019. In the meantime DLB ensured its contribution by way of awarding nearly 325,000 Mahapola Scholarships to the sons and daughters of the nation as a helping hand to their higher education. The contribution of DLB for year 2019 is nearly 235 million to President’s Fund. 

DLB could make that significant contribution competing in the market with its attractive lotteries i.e. ‘ Shanida Wasana’, ‘Sanwardana Wasana’, ‘Lagna Wasana’, ‘Jayoda’, ‘Kotipathi Kapruka’, ‘Super Ball’, ‘Ada Kotipathi’, and other instant lotteries.

The customers are not the only beneficiaries of DLB, which brings dawn to the lives in its exemplary service. DLB has provide employment opportunities to 89 Sales Distributors, over 2500 Sales Agents and 20,000 Sales Assistants under Sales Agents making them also the beneficiaries.

DLB announces, at this remarkable juncture where DLB celebrates 37th anniversary, that it is ready to look forward facing every challenge in its path whilst keeping the credibility and making the dreams of the people a reality.   

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