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People who found their success form the path made by DLB


People who found their success form the path made by DLB

Development lotteries Boards means a window to a new world, which makes employments.

Mr. N.G Sirisena from Avissavella and Mr. Benet Silva from Monaragala can be identified as two successful District Sales Agents, who built their own path to the progress under the giant shadow of DLB.

Mr. Sirisena is one of the well famous Sales Agents, who joined with DLB at its commencement and still remains as the District Sales Agent, Colombo.

'I joined with DLB in 1983. At the beginning a just bought only three boxes of lotteries per day. But the then Chairman encouraged me to increase the number of boxes up to eight. I didn't have enough money to buy such boxes. So the Chairman made arrangement to issue me five additional boxes believing me. A that time it was a huge investment. I could increase the sale day by day. Today I am a District Sales Agent of Colombo, but I started my career as a door to door salesman. But I could enhance the sales volume. So it had become difficult to  maintain the distribution whilst working as a door to door salesman. Then I recruited few Sales Assistants. Toiling under sun and rain I made my own path and brought my business up to this level. Lottery industry is the only field to which I gave all my heart and mind. I gained the best results for my commitment. Even today, I make my living without any trouble as the Sales Agent of DLB.'

He had left school at Grade Five but had proved his talent in the field of marketing. He always reminds with wet eyes the turning points of his life where he could enhance the sales volume. Mr. Sirisena can be highlight as an exemplary man. who is a good breadwinner, husband , father and grandfather, and also as a model employer, who still works as a successful Sales Agent managing another five-six Sales Agents.

The other hero of our story is Mr. Benet Silva from Monaragala. He is also one of the Sales Agents who are with us from the establishment of DLB. Today he looks back as a successful businessman. He has a specialty. He sells only the lotteries introduced by DLB. He provides this service purely to do his best for the progress of DLB, which  contributes directly to Mahapola Scholarships Fund and President's Fund.

I opened my eyes to the owrld at Kalmunei. We had successful business in Kalminei and Pothuwil. When I was a youth of 25 years I worked shoulder to shoulder in our business with my father. But the civil was destroyed all our businesses. So we came to Colombo with empty hands. However in Colombo , I had a chance to join with DLB at its establishment. First I worked as a Sales Agent in Kollupitiya area. During that time DLB asked me to start my career as the Sales Agent of Monaragala District. Many were reluctant to try their success in remort areas like Monaragala. But I took this challenge and started my business in Monaragala as a Sales Agent of DLB. I should say that DLB was behind me giving every support and guidance. Even today it looks after us. Now 45 Sales Assistants are working under me. Though it is treated as one of the remote areas of the Island, we are at the front of lottery business. Our daily sale has reached up to 6000 tickets in every category. We could made success in our lives whilst making progress in DLB.'

Mr. Benet must be appreciated as a person emerged from dust and ashes. He could made his life again when the war destroyed all his wealth. He never gave up hopes and looked forward with self confidence leaving behind all dark shadows of the war. He could found his future under the shelter of DLB.

DLB always reminds theses two successful businessmen as model characters, who changed their lives making an example to others whilst working for the progress of DLB.


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